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Certified Public Accountant

A CPA is essentially a Certified Public Accountant, which is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. US CPA is basically the American version of what we call a Chartered Accountant in India. The CPA course has now gained tremendous popularity & has a great scope now in India as well as many other countries such as the USA, Canada, Singapore & the Gulf Countries as well.


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Key Highlights of CPA


Let us make it extremely simple for all of you future CPAs!

To be eligible for CPA a candidate needs a total of 120 Academic Credits at a graduate level.

To put that into perspective for Indian Candidates, a candidate must’ve completed/ pursuing

B.Com/BAF/BBI/BFM/BBA/BMS (90 Credits)
An M.Com/MBA/ CA (Making up for the remaining 30 Credits)

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Frequently Asked Questions

CPA means Certified Public Accountant. In countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, the accountants are known as a CPA. The US CPA qualification allows a professional to become a CPA who can practice in their state in USA and work as a CPA professional across the world.

Every company requiring to comply with the rules and regulations set by authorities in the USA, which is basically every MNC hailing from the US, needs US CPAs in their company to do the same. CPA scope in India and across the world is increasing as long as US companies keep expanding. A US CPA can practice in their US state and work as a CPA professional across the world in the domains of Tax, audit, finance, accounting advisory, business consulting and much more.

One of the biggest advantages of CPA is global mobility. CPA allows a professional to work across the world in any company requiring to follow US GAAP.

The choice between which course to do simply depends upon the career path for any professional. The accounting world has two main pillars having international acceptance, IFRS (ACCA) which is followed by more than 180 countries and US GAAP (CPA) which is followed by every company having to comply with US Regulations. The scope for both is tremendously high in both India and internationally. CPA is better if a professional wants to upskill on their existing qualifications with something of a global pedigree.

CA consists of 3 levels with over 20 papers to be completed over the course of 5 years. On the other hand, CPA has 4 levels that can be completed within a year.